Steady Leadership within Large-Scale IT Operations Domain

Nearly two decades of progressive responsibility involving a broad range of enterprise technologies, cross-functional groups and business processes associated with large-scale, and mission-critical customer-focused service delivery. Responsible for instituting “best practices” and judicious cost containment. Emphasis on reliable delivery of operational excellence across diverse technical competencies involving time-sensitive objectives, complex topologies and diverse constituencies.

Results-oriented. Reliable.

Proven Performer, Effective Tactician and Proficient Team Builder

Demonstrated leadership and governance over the integration, migration, and scaling of major hardware and software systems in support of corporate or service-delivery objectives. Balanced combination of technology and leadership skills with a proven track record of accomplishing management’s objectives on-time and at-or-below budget. Proficient at managing “day-to-day” realities, while executing on broader, “strategic initiatives”. Demonstrated ability to build a coherent, customer-focused team from individuals who possess varying areas and levels of expertise. Focused on maintaining excellent service-levels while proactively managing vendor relationships and instituting budgetary disciplines per corporate mandates.


Master of Computer Sciences Degree coursework, Florida Institute of Technology, Melbourne, Florida
Bachelor of Arts Degree, University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida

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